Friday, January 19, 2018

Les Louise Mitchels/Sex Drugs & Rebetiko – Split (2009)

  • Art punk 
  • World music 
  • Improvised music 
  • Folk punk 
  • Crossover 
  • Surf rock 
  • Drone folk 
  • Avant-folk

Comment: Les Louise Mitchels` 6-notch part is an intense blend of artsy punk, dadaist attitude and Balkan/gypsy brass folk punk. But also surf music allusions are up there to provide a more puzzled soundscape. The France-based artist has managed to set a fast pace through the noodling on hirsute guitars, woodwinds, and drums where one can partake in repetitive patterns, improvised progressions and something else between the approaches.

Sex Drugs & Rebetiko`s 3-track is a different story because it is more subdued and restrained due to slowly progressing drones in the vein of folk music. Furthermore, it seems to  me that some phrases are sung in Greek and beside that distinct characteristic there are up obvious patterns from Greek ethnic music. The interesting split is a part of the Les Diks Qui Sautent (ldqs 068).  

Thursday, January 18, 2018

[Teaser of the day] KiloWatts - Quartz

  • Minimal funk
  • IDM
  • Synth funk
  • Electronic music
  • Alternative dance

Artist: KiloWatts
Release: Six Silicates
Year: 2009

[Teaser of the day] António Bizarro - Berzerker

  • EBM
  • Electro-industrial
  • Alternative
  • Goth synth
  • Electronic music
  • Industrial

Artist: Antònio Bizarro 
Year: 2018

[Teaser of the day] Miche - Parallel World

  • Ambient noise
  • Experimentalism
  • Glitchtronica
  • Post-industrial
  • Ambient
  • Avant-garde
  • Micronoise
  • Electronic music

Artist: Miche
Year: 2012

Mart Avi - Blind Wall

[Teaser of the day] The Sleeping Tree - Jah Will Is My Destiny

  • Singer-songwriter
  • Indie folk
  • Alt-folk
  • Folk indie

Label: 12rec.
Year: 2008

[Teaser of the day] Bryyn - Lunar Patterns

  • Indie folk
  • Alt-folk
  • Singer-songwriter
  • Americana
  • Folk indie

Artist: Bryyn
Release: Tend My Sheep
Label: Jamendo
Year: 2017

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

[Teaser of the day] The Eleventh Hour - The Heaven Lifestyle

  • Coldwave
  • Post-punk
  • Goth rock
  • Art punk

Release: Radio Heaven
Label: Hearthphone
Year: 2008

Rastr – Tales Of the Druid (2017)

  • Industrial rock 
  • Breakbeat 
  • Alternative rock 
  • Electronic 
  • Alternative dance

Comment: this bunch of 6 instrumental tracks is an instance of industrial rock. More profoundly, it does mean heavily clanging drums and slamming programmed beats which are up there to show direction and provide the back-up to incisive and harsh guitar riff-based attitude. Due to a typical industrial example it is very straightforward and emotion oppressive, it is more about showing off its muscles and power. Due to an atypical industrial rock release it involves lots of torrents of broken beat massacres. Just a couple of sequences are aligned with one another to prevent possible greyish zones and deviations in between. It`s now your turn to decide is it either positive or negative value to go out from the set. The issue is a part of the discography of MNMN Records.

[Teaser of the day] Betelmire - My Mensa Dream

  • Lo-fi
  • Singer-songwriter
  • Drone pop
  • New Weird America
  • Bedroom pop
  • Dream pop
  • Free folk
  • Organcore
  • Weird folk

Artist: Betelmire
Release606 MPH
Year: 2009/2010
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