Monday, June 12, 2017

Monkey Warhol – The Darwin LP (2017)

  • Electro pop 
  • Alternative dance 
  • Electronic pop 
  • Electro punk

Comment: after releasing a bunch of EPs in the previous year the oldest human being (and the musician either) - check out the description of him at his Bandcamp site - is back again with the first LP proper. And it is another highly dynamic outing having been listening and reviewed today. More profoundly, this frantic set of accelerated tempos, college pop and pop punk tinged singing and either glimmering or acidic synth pads are adeptly mixed up with a tongue in cheek attitude while avoiding to be somehow lame, simplistic, annoying, and banal. For instance, Manscaping as a track might have been inferior if it would have been produced without a humorous element. Early Mornin' chimes like a revitalisation of Rednex's goofy country disco. It is followed by Everything Starts With an E being enchanting and danceable at the same time within the soup of glimmering synths and a motorik kraut-electro cadence. If Green Day, or Blink-182 used to sound in the way like I Get What I Want sounds then I would have great interest for their music. The 10-track issue will be finished off by Waiting, an electro pop punk number with catchy hooks and a broad appealing factor. In a word, the album is produced by a creature with a high IQ with regard to music, and humour, and incisive understanding to blend them seamlessly into an one. Top predator by any means.
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